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Wednesday, August 5
The Best Books of 2015 So Far - Editorial Staff, Time
Wright Brothers Began a New Era - James Salter, N.Y. Review of Books
The Sex Abuse Scandal that Never Was - Lizzie Crocker, The Daily Beast
F. Scott Fitzgerald's Lost Story Reviewed - Laura Miller, Slate
The Landscapes of Communism - Sheila Fitzpatrick, London Review of Books
A Biography of Iceberg Slim, Writer and Pimp - Dwight Garner, N.Y. Times
The Paranormal Conspiracy - Timothy Dailey, Patheos
A Wonderful View of the Republic's Formation - C. Carlson, Deseret News
Economic Facts and Fallacies - Aaron Bandler, Town Hall
Complex, Intelligent Spy Fiction - Kandra Hahn, The Lincoln Journal Star
Tuesday, August 4
9 Suggestions for Summer Reading - Editors, Entertainment Weekly
The Virtues of Difficult Fiction - Joanna Scott, The Nation
Iran's Secret 200-Year Strategy - Nile Green, The National Interest
Finnegan's Waves - John Waters, RealClearBooks
A Cinematic Account of Americans in War-Torn Paris - G. Valentine, NPR
The Decathlete and the Pugilist - Peter Tonguette, National Review Online
The Marriage of Opposites - Samantha Nelson, The A.V. Club
Vu Tran's "Dragonfish" - Lloyd Sachs, Chicago Tribune
Wine and Words, One Sip at a Time - Cathy Huyghe, Forbes
Escape from Asia's Holocaust - Reuben Johnson, Washington Free Beacon
Monday, August 3
The Richest Man Who Ever Lived - Edward Chancellor, Wall Street Journal
39 Books to Help You Make Life Decisions - Shane Parrish, Time
Keynes v. Hayek - Benjamin Weingarten, The Blaze
Three Essential Principles of the Zen Mind - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
The Economics of Inequality - Paul Krugman, The New York Times
Iran's Guide to Outwit U.S., Destroy Israel - Amir Taheri, New York Post
The Unusual Mind of Clarice Lispector - Jeff VanderMeer, Slate
Was Alexander the Great Good for the Jews? - C. Moss, The Daily Beast
The Crisis of Attention - Ian Lindquist, Washington Free Beacon
On New American Stories - Jennifer Rice Epstein, The Millions
Saturday, August 1
Why Did They Kill? - David Conway, Library of Law and Liberty
13 Must-Read Books from 2015 - C. Fallon & M. Crum, The Huffington Post
The Reading Experience of a Lifetime - David Treuer, Washington Post
Why College Kids Avoid the Study of Literature - Morson, Commentary
5 Must-Read Books to Understand China - Tom Keene, Bloomberg
7 Incredibly Successful Business Books - Bill Murphy Jr., Inc.
The 90-Day Rush to Nuke Japan - Clive Irving, The Daily Beast
10 Books Ta-Nehisi Coates Can't Live Without - Coates, New York Times
Buckley and Vidal in 1968 Debate - Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal
"Badlands" is an Intriguing Novel - Oline Cogdill, Associated Press
The Way We Weren't - Meredith Maran, Boston Globe
The Captain and the Cannibal - Jonathan Richards, Santa Fe New Mexican
Ghost of a Chance - Aaron Maclean, Washington Free Beacon
The Inimitable Style of Gertrude Stein - Carl Cannon, RealClearPolitics
The Fly Trap - Priyanka Kumar, Santa Fe New Mexican
Friday, July 31
I Just Binge-Read 8 Books by Donald Trump - C. Lozada, Washington Post
The Best-Selling Books of All-Time - T. Mumford, Minnesota Public Radio
A 1980s-Era Science Fiction Story - Ethan Gilsdorf, The Boston Globe
Shirley Jackson's Chilling Take on the Ordinary - L. Scholes, The National
Baseball's Never-Ending Season - Will Leitch, Wall Street Journal
Charles Bukowski on Writing - Ryan Vlastelica, The A.V. Club
Author Urges Cultivating Eulogy Virtues - Don Brophy, NC Reporter
How to Hack Your Bad Habits - Kara Cutruzzula, The Daily Beast
Killer, Come Hither - Corinna Lothar, The Washington Times
9 Books to Read if in Istanbul - Editors, The Huffington Post
Thursday, July 30
Steve Jobs' 9 Book Recommendations - Nudelman & Lebowitz, Biz Insider
Who Really Ruined the Beatles? - Wendy Smith, The Daily Beast
Kremlin, CIA and a Forbidden Book - P.J. Neal, CIA Studies in Intelligence
Conservative Writer Speaks from the Heart - A. Hunt, Bloomberg View
A Powerful Elegy for Lost Love and Empire - Charles, The Washington Post
Bill Clinton and 'The Energizer' - Chris Stigall, CBS News
Stories from the Egyptian Revolution - A. Bakshian, The Washington Times
Leave it to the States - Michael Greve, Wall Street Journal
Essays for the New American Generation - S. Kollmorgen, Chicago Tribune
10 Southern Books if 'Watchman' Disappoints - L. Hertzel, Star Tribune
Wednesday, July 29
Elon Musk's 9 Book Recommendations - Nudelman & Lebowitz, Biz Insider
Uncle Sam Wants Read These Books - Charles, Washington Post
Recommended Reading for the Beach - H. Ellis-Petersen, The Guardian
10 Books Teachers Want Your Child to Read - Alice Winter, The Telegraph
Apocalypse Later - Nigel Lawson, Wall Street Journal
How Writing Achieves Grace - Joe Fassler, The Atlantic
Why I'm Always Reading a Book - Julius Thomas, The Players' Tribune
When Salinger Bonded with Hemingway - Nicolaus Mills, The Daily Beast
"Liar's Poker" Makes Unexpected Debut in China - E. Kinetz & Satter, AP
It's Good to Be Gronk - Cindy Boren, The Washington Post
Tuesday, July 28
A Hemingway Classic at 75 Years - Ron Capshaw, Library of Law and Liberty
Obama the Ideologue - Daniel Wiser, The Washington Free Beacon
A Dazzling Novel of the Nez Perce - Sam Sacks, Wall Street Journal
The Vanishing City - Alex Traub, The New York Review of Books
The Death of Satire - Ted Gioia, The Daily Beast
A Passion for the Void - Benjamin Anastas, The New Republic
Are Superheroes Taking Over the World? - Editors, CBC Books
The Best Book on Surfing - Matt Soergel, The Florida Times-Union
27 Kids Books that Became Major Movies - Ashley Ross, Time
Tolstoy's Family Moves Northwest - Constant, Seattle Review of Books
Monday, July 27
This Week's Must-Read Books - Billy Heller, New York Post
A 21st-Century Military Strategy - Brittney Lenard, RealClearBooks
15 Books About Iraq, Afghanistan - Jesse Goolsby, The Daily Beast
The Laws of Hollywood - Corey Field, The Los Angeles Review of Books
The Houses Where Great Books Began - M. Rubin, The Washington Times
Mastering the Art of Fact and Fiction - Anna Clark, Vanity Fair
Abstract Lines Shape America - Aaron Rothman, Places Journal
A Writer's Life in the Waves - Rob Fischer, Men's Journal
A North Korean Defector's Story - Christina Ledbetter, Associated Press
Economics Made Easy - Ferrara, The American Spectator

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