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Wednesday, September 2
Can You Afford to Skip These 5 Classics? - Carolina Miranda, The L.A. Times
The Best Books of 2015 - Editors, The Telegraph
Sex and the Modern Relationship - Natasha Lewis, The New Republic
A Diplomatic Thriller Set in Zimbabwe - T. Dibbert, The Huffington Post
Forgotten Stories of the American Revolution - Spencer, Wall St. Journal
5 Classics that Inspired My Career as an Astronaut - Susan Helms, Quartz
A Rocker's Life - Dwight Garner, The New York Times
Economic Progress Beats Protests - Joel Kotkin, The Daily Beast
5 Must-Read Fall Music Books - Andy Lewis, Billboard
Days of Awe - Claire Hopley, The Washington Times
Tuesday, September 1
10 Books to Read this Fall - Jocelyn McClurg, USA Today
The Classics Are Not Dead - Wai Chee Dimock, The New York Times
9 Books to Jumpstart Your Creativity - E. CE Miller, Bustle
Notes on the Death of Culture - Nick Romeo, Chicago Tribune
When Graham Greene Let Himself Go - Gillian Darley, The Guardian
A Very Model Moral Panic - Carol Tavris, Wall Street Journal
Homes for the Homeless - Susie Cagle, Aeon
Essays On the High Plains - S. Kirk Walsh, The Boston Globe
A Tale of Two Women in 1880s New York - M. Bargreen, The Seattle Times
The Week in Reviews - Editors, Washington Independent Review of Books
Monday, August 31
The "Lean In" of Political Memoirs - Laura Reston, The New Republic
21 Books Every Nerd Should Read - Crystal Paul, Bustle
A Round-Up of Historical Fiction - Jake Janeman, The Independent
The Elitist Allure of Joan Didion - Meghan Daum, The Atlantic
Writing From the Most Fractured Place on Earth - A. Hoffman, The Nation
A Common Language - Kristina Shevory, The Believer
The Bearable Lightness of Michael Dirda - Aaron Maclean, Free Beacon
Joan Didion's Eternal Cool - Lizzie Crocker, The Daily Beast
A Struggle for Voting Rights in America - Muyumba, Dallas Morning News
The Poetry of Environmental Disasters - Roberts, The L.A. Review of Books
Saturday, August 29
What Are The 2016 GOP Candidates Reading? - T. Troy, New York Observer
Sex and Murder on the High Plains - J.S. Berry, The Lincoln Journal Star
Introduction to American Wartime History - D. Lat, Wall Street Journal
Why Read Franzen's New Novel? - David Ulin, The Los Angeles Times
Bringing Back Stieg Larsson - Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times
God and The American Experiment - D.P. Deavel, Library of Law & Liberty
Our Man in Civil War Charleston - Tom Rogan, Washington Free Beacon
True Task of the Human Mind - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
The Mystery of Patrick Modiano - James McAuley, The New Republic
Reviving a London Pulp Hero - Kevin Canfield, The Daily Beast
The Right to Die - Stephen Sedley, The London Review of Books
The Pope and The Planet - Bill McKibben, The New York Review of Books
The Story of Contemporary Kashmir - Sanjay Kumar, The Diplomat
Friday, August 28
The Meaning of Kissinger - Niall Ferguson, Foreign Affairs
The Swastika and the Crescent - David Motadel, The Wilson Quarterly
What Was in Bin Laden's Tape Collection? - Fenton-Smith, BBC Magazine
Elon Musk is Crazy Like a Visionary - Roger Kimball, City Journal
What if Stalin had Computers? - Malcolm Harris, New Republic
Art in the Age of Reproduction - Jesse McCarthy, The Nation
FDR's Domestic 'War on Terror' - Jake Whitney, The Daily Beast
Saving the Declaration of Independence - Ryan Cole, RealClearHistory
In Soccer's Hottest Seat - Scott Jelbert, The Independent
The Oregon Trail - Jeffrey Bloomer, The Huffington Post
Thursday, August 27
Aristotle's Sex Masterpiece - Mary Fissell, The Public Domain Review
Donald Trump, Epic Hero - Jeet Heer, New Republic
How the End of WWII Almost Didn't Happen - S. Harding, The Daily Beast
9 Great Books of Humor - Editorial Staff, Entertainment Weekly
9 Gripping Debuts - Kirkus Reviews
The Trials of Ed Graf - Jeremy Stahl, Slate
War in Donbas - Julian Evans, Granta
6 Powerful Books about Addiction & Recovery - Crane, Electric Literature
By the Book with R.L. Stine - Editors, The New York Times
The Story of a Disgraced Governor's Former Scribe - Peter Lewis, CSM
Wednesday, August 26
William F. Buckley Gets Bigger Over Time - Scott Porch, The Daily Beast
26 Books for Spiritual Seekers - Carol Kuruvilla, The Huffington Post
Christianity's Roots and its Forebears - Freeman, The Providence Journal
Utah's Hatfields and McCoys - Alex Beam, Wall Street Journal
A Farewell to Summer - Nicole Russell, The Federalist
Henry Kissinger's Shadow - Zach Dorfman, The L.A. Times
Clarice Lispector's Magical Prose - Thu-Huong Ha, The Atlantic
Are Republicans for White Identity Politics? - Domenech, The Federalist
Steinbeck Comes to Norway - Joseph Peschel, The Daily Beast
An Interview with Matthew Weiner - Sami Chellas, The Paris Review
Tuesday, August 25
Top 10 Books People Lie about Reading - Ben Domenech, The Federalist
America's First Battle of WWI - Joseph Goulden, The Washington Times
19 Best Books by CEOs - Shana Lebowitz & Drake Baer, Biz Insider
The Coming Regime Change in America - J. Butler, Washington Free Beacon
Obama is Wrong on Netanyahu - Alan Dershowitz, The Hill
The Anti-Semites Give Chase - David Isaac, Free Beacon
Carrie Brownstein's 10 Favorite Books - Carrie Brownstein, The N.Y. Times
A Great Book on Catching Flies - Kevin Canfield, The Daily Beast
The New Joan Didion Biography - Carolyn Kellogg, The L.A. Times
A Collective Memory of the Holocaust - Matti Friedman, Wall Street Journal
Monday, August 24
5 Books on the Language of Politics - Barton Swaim, Wall Street Journal
Who's in Charge of America's Schools - Diane Rado, Chicago Tribune
Books about Books - Anne O'Neill, The Irish Times
A Culture Warrior Contemplates Defeat - John Davidson, Free Beacon
When Reagan Trusted Iran's Moderates - Gil Troy, The Daily Beast
A Powerful History of Hawaii - David Ulin, The L.A. Times
Playing Russian Roulette - Edward Lucas, Wall Street Journal
After Hurricane Katrina - Susannah Nesmith, Miami Herald
The Real 'Great Satan' - Micah Mattix, Washington Free Beacon
An Interview with Jonathan Franzen - Stephen J. Burn, The Paris Review

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