About RealClearBooks

RealClearBooks, a sister site of RealClearPolitics, is a catch-all source for book news and literary commentary. Edited by Rob Tracinski, the site provides a daily jumping-off point to help readers take in the world of books, the changing nature of publishing, and the many controversies that attach themselves like barnacles to the written word.

Publishers please see our quite rigid submissions policy before submitting book excerpts.

Submissions Policy

RealClearBooks will consider running book excerpts/adaptations of between 500 and 1,100 words. We require the exclusive use of that excerpt but not the exclusive excerpt rights. (We might excerpt, say, chapter 3, or a few sections of chapter 3. All other chapters and sections would be fair game to place elsewhere.)

We will consider only those submissions submitted according to our rigid formatting requirements. Those requirements are:

That the excerpt be submitted in the text of an e-mail.

That all the Word-based formatting be stripped out of it (all squiggly quotes and apostrophes replaced with straight quotes, em dashes replaced with --, etc.).

That the paragraphs are indicated with spaces, not indents.

That there be one space between all sentences.

That there is no embargo provision attached to the excerpt.

If you send us an excerpt to consider, wait 24 hours to follow up. If you haven't heard back within 48 hours of submission (or 72 on weekends), assume we will not run it and pitch elsewhere.

All excerpts should be indicated in the text of the email like so: EXCERPT: Title of Book (no subtitle), by Author. (EXCERPT: The Warm Bucket Brigade, by Rob Tracinski.) A brief note introducing the excerpt to us, from the author or publicist, is allowed but not required.

The author's bio line may be up to three sentences and as many as 50 words long, though we reserve the right to clean it up. Please indicate the Amazon or other link you would like to use and we will link the book title on first use in the article and again in the author's bio.

Got all that? If not, read it again. If so, send all excerpts to John Waters jwaters@realclearbooks.com.