RealClearBooks Morning Edition

A Poet of Piercing Valentines - Brad Leithauser, New Yorker
Arguing Gay Marriage on Valentine's Day - Andre Archie, TAC
Hovering Over Cupid's Cursor - Ann Friedman, The New Republic
Phillip Lopate: Great Essayist, Lousy Activist - Paul Beston, Millions
Winston Churchill's Poetry Going Once... - John Lundberg, Huff Post
Christopher Hitchens Gets the Hitchens Treatment - Colin Woodard, WP
She-Hulk Battles for Chick Lit Market - Alison Flood, The Guardian
When Mike Hammer Went Four-Color - Mark Squirek, NYJB
Benedict's Baby Jesus - Jeremy Lott, Washington Times
The Hell With Grants - Paul Constant, The Stranger