RealClearBooks Morning Edition

When Babies Disappear - Heather Wilhelm, RealClearBooks
Everyone's Life Is Interesting - David Ulin, Los Angeles Times
Young Writers: Sometimes No Means No - Noah Berlatsky, Splice
Howard Zinn, the Last Leftist - Thaddeus Russell, Reason Magazine
The Printed Book Really Is Doomed - Warren Adler, Huffington Post
Steinbeck's Bogus Non-Fiction - Shawn Macomber, Weekly Standard
Sci-Fi's Answer to '50 Shades of Grey' - Alison Flood, The Guardian
How Sci-Fi Book Covers Evolved - Scott Beauchamp, The Atlantic
Pride, Prejudice and Politics - Paula Byrne, Financial Times
Rethinking the Unthinkable - Bill Keller, New York Times