RealClearBooks Morning Edition

Random House & Penguin Announce Merger - Pfanner & Chozick, NYT
When FDR Had Cocktails With Molotov - Stuart Reid, The New Republic
Hey Colleges, Put Up or Shut Up - Robert VerBruggen, Washington Times
Faulkner Estate Sues Woody Allen - Husna Haq, Christian Science Monitor
When Bad Books Happen to Good People - Allison Hill, Huffington Post
A Just War Theory of Withdrawal - Paul Hockenos, The National
Kids Gone Wild--or Not! - Kevin Kosar, Teachers College Record
Shake Us, Stir Us, Mr. Bond - Simon Schama, The Daily Beast
The Banality of Bailouts - Todd Zywicki, Law & Liberty
If Marx Wrote on Love - Carla Hung, Full Stop